Alife Oral Tincture THC

Alife THC Tincture is a “high in demand” THC tincture.

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Alife THC Tincture, specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients, it contains the full cannabinoid, terpene and phytonutrient profile that gives cannabis its full range of medicinal and health benefits. Infused with organic MCT or Hemp Seed Oil, Alife THC Tincture is perfect for sublingual application, it aids in calming and relaxing the nerves. It is also considered to be highly effective against aches and pain, and its soothing effects make it ideal for combating depression, stress and anxiety.

Tinctures are an age-old method of delivering the medicinal benefits of marijuana to patients. Alife THC tincture delivers approximately 31.3mg THC per 1ml dropper. Have trouble sleeping? Alife THC Tincture is a great option that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and allow for a good night’s sleep.

Our tincture is also great for those who suffer from chronic pain. Just fine tune your dose, apply sublingually a couple of times a day to help relieve your pain. It can also be used as a treatment for appetite loss. The fast-acting results are possible because of the sublingual application which makes for a quick onset of the medication, resulting in quicker results.

Our Product by default comes infused in MCT Oil but some have asked for Hemp Seed Oil so we have made that available as well. MCT Oil is clear and flavourless while Hemp Seed Oil is Green with a nutty flavour, great on salad:)

Product Features:

  • Effective in treating anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain and body aches
  • Tasteless and fast acting, Discreet
  • Works great as a sleeping aid for those suffering from insomnia
  • Can also be used to prevent appetite loss
  • Tinctures can also be incorporated after cooking into all sorts of meals and drinks, a low-calorie alternative
  • Ingredients: MCT or Hemp Seed Oil, High potency THC oil, Plain or Natural Strawberry flavour
  • Approximately 31.3mg THC per 1ml dropper
  • Use preferably with or after food
  • Our 30ml bottle lasts approximately 30-40 days


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Alife 500MG FS Oil (30ml), Alife 500MG FS Oil (3-Pack), Alife 1000MG FS Oil (30ml), Alife 1000MG FS Oil (3 Pack)


With MCT Oil, With Hemp Seed Oil


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